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New security check point!!

Important Race Day Info


1. PARKING: Parking in Boston is expensive. Parking also changes from year to year in the Seaport District.


We strongly encourage people to NOT park in parking lots that you would enter from Seaport Blvd. Seaport is closed during the race and you could be stuck in the lot till the last runner finishes. 


The best parking lots are those you enter from Congress Street or Summer Street. 


Two of the bigger lots are the:

  • Seaport Hotel parking – enter from Congress Street. Seaport Hotel lots are much larger, cost a little more, but will have more spaces available. 

  • MassPort Public Parking 503 Congress. The MassPort lot will fill up, so plan on that if you are coming early.            MASSPORT Garage – you can enter on World Trade Center Ave which is right across from the Boston Convention Center – as you turn onto that short road you will see the entrance – when parking there – exit on Level 3 to get to registration and for the race start area.

  • Be sure to scout parking areas when you arrive to pick up your race packet on Saturday or use Google to research Options.. Seaport Blvd. will close at 4am on race day.

2. ARRIVAL: Plan to arrive by 6am on race day - Take into account the traffic created by 4,000 people convening at one time. Lines to parking, security and the race start line can be long.

3. RACE PACKETS: If picking up your own bib -Please have your QR code or a copy of your race registration. If a friend is picking up for you – the person picking up must bring a note from you to pick up your bib and a copy of your confirmation email or QR code. Paper print outs of your confirmation are most helpful for the volunteers. 


5. SECURITY: This year there is one primary security check-in point. PLEASE have your race bib visible as you walk through security. The entrance will be from Congress Street. This is a walkway between the Seaport Hotel and the West Office Building. This is between B Street and Seaport Lane. If parking in MassPort Garage – follow the signs. If picking up your bib packet on Saturday, scout out this area.


Upon arrival all runners and spectators entering the start and finish area on Seaport Blvd, will pass through the security checkpoint. Baby bags will be allowed - but will be searched. Runners arriving with no bag or a clear bag will move through security much quicker. 


6. BAG CHECK: We will have a self-serve bag check this year in the Light House 1 room at the Seaport Hotel. Be sure to arrive with plenty of time to get to the Light House 1 room and back to the start. This room is right above the start area. The stairway is next to Rosa Mexicano restaurant. 


8. RACE MERCHANDISE: Looking for race merchandise? Purchase at the Light House 1 room on Saturday during bib pick up or Sunday before the race.  


9. SWITCHING RACES & TRANSFERRING RACE NUMBERS: We can no longer make race switches or transfers online or through email. However, you may still switch races at packet pick up on Saturday. Be sure to use the correct bib number for the race you will actually run. Each distance has its own Color Bib and series with computer chips. This is for your safety, helps the volunteers and provides for correct scoring. NOTE: If you would like to switch from the 5 Mile race to the Half Marathon or the Half Marathon to the 5 Mile race, this can be done at the race pick up area in the Seaport Light House 1 room. (You will have to pay the price difference if switching up to the half marathon - cash only). If you would like to transfer your race number to another person, this can also be done Saturday. The new participant will need to complete the registration form found here and have a note from you stating you want to transfer your registration to them.  


10. REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN: Online registration will remain open until race morning. If you have friends or family that want to join you and run, please tell them to register online or in-person at bib pick up on Saturday, May 28, or race morning Sunday, May 29. Note that lines are long and our volunteers get overwhelmed on Sunday morning, so it is best to do this on Saturday.




Frequently Asked Questions


1. STROLLERS: NO Strollers - in either race! This is a safety issue for not only the well-behaved child, but especially for the 4,000 other runners that will be running with you. The licensing authorities state no strollers for events of this size.


2. WALKING: Walkers are not allowed on the Half Marathon Course. Walkers may walk the 5 Mile as those streets are closed longer. There is a 3 hour limit on street closures per order of the city. The city feels there are 63 walkathons in the city for people to walk. They want us to stress that the Half Marathon course is a run. If you alternate running with occasional walking - and you can finish within 3 hours you will be fine.


3. DEFERRALS/REFUNDS: As clearly stated when registering and as is the case for almost all races this size - we do not offer deferrals for another year or any refunds.


4. START TYPE: We will be using a pulse start. Corals are not pre-assigned. There will be PACE signs. You should line up based upon the pace you will be running. Finish times for age groups are based upon your net time. Your time starts when you cross the start line.


5. REGISTRATION CHANGES: If you need to make any changes to your registration this can easily be done when picking up your bib. There will be volunteers who can make changes in the database for you.


6. SECURITY: Remember the new normal for large scale events - try to bring only clear bags with you to the race. At the Saturday bib pick up, we will have clear bags available at the T-shirt booth. There will be security checkpoints as in the past five years that you will have to go through to get into the start and finish line areas on Sunday. The clear bags, or no bags will make the experience quicker. There will be self-serve bag check, that is not staffed, the best rule is to leave valuables in your car or at home. Remember to make sure your bib number is attached to your front and visible at all times on race day.


7. ON THE COURSE: We will have Gatorade stations at multiple locations on the Half Marathon course and once on the 5-Mile course. We will also have GU available at one station for the Half Marathon.


8. DOGS: No Dogs Allowed


9. EXPERIENCE: With over 4,000 people, there may be many who are out there to achieve a PR or to win an age group, - if you are not in that category - then it is all about enjoying the experience. You will do fine! Come prepared to be with 4,000 friends that are there for the same reason you are - to honor 1st Responders, to enjoy the experience and to be able to say - you did it!


10. VOLUNTEERS: as we stated earlier, this is a volunteer run event- we are always looking for more volunteers, if you or someone you now is interested in volunteering on race weekend- check out our volunteer opportunities here.


11. HEADPHONES: For the safety of all of our participants, we ask that you do not use headphones while participating in Boston’s Run To Remember. We are licensed and insured under RRCA our insurance provider and Road Runners Club of America greatly discourages the use of headphones. Thank you for your cooperation. 


12. RESULTS: post race please check our website: 


Or Granite State Race Times Website

Race Results | Granite State Race Services



All runners must enter from Congress Street or from above World Trade Center Ave, next to registration room.  
The security check point is between the hotel and the West office building, next to B Street from Congress.  
Pre-race only runners will be allowed to enter! 

Runners please display your Bib # to enter the secure area. There is NO bag check inside the secure area. We recommend if you need warm up clothes, bring old sweats or clothes you do not care about and willing to throw away. Any clothing left inside of the secure area will be donated to charity. The area will be cleaned out while you are out running. The Self serve bag check is in the Light House Room where registration is. Avoid leaving values. We are not responsible for any items left. Thank you!

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