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The 1st Responder Challenge, formerly the Law Enforcement Challenge began with the Boston’s Run To Remember. Each year departments from across the globe field teams of 5 or more runners who compete in the half marathon for a cash prize to their own favorite charity.


2022 1st Responder Challenge

Congratulation to all of our teams that participated in the 2022 1st Responder Challenge!


Our top 3 teams were:

  1. New York Police Department

  2. Nashua Police Department

  3. Boston Police Department


Our top team from a department with less than 250 sworn 1st Responders-


             Wakefield MA Police Department


Congratulations to all the great teams that participated.

The Challenge


Any 1st Responder department can field a team of 5 or more runners to compete in this challenge for the 1/2 marathon only. The runners must all be sworn, active officers on the day of the race. The times for the fastest five runners will be averaged to determine the three fastest teams. These teams will receive a cash donation to a charity of their choosing or for use within their department station to better serve their community.


Each team member must register themselves individually – though if using a running club check or if a sponsor is paying the registration fee for your team – then print paper applications and each member can mail in with a note at top saying a check is coming from (name source). We will match the applications and the check as they arrive.


When registering be sure to click yes for “1st Responder” and then enter your department name and your team name.


If you have any questions or would like marketing materials to promote the race, please contact


Thank you for your support!

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